From 26th February, Procurious present a new five-part podcast series - Conducting a Cognitive Symphony - sponsored by IBM.

There are many factors that require careful consideration to bring about effective, scalable and sustainable analytics and cognitive solutions. Intelligence is the conversion and enrichment of data into meaningful business insights. It's akin to conducting a group of musicians - it might be easy to get a pleasant sound from a solo instrument but, if expertly managed, you'll accomplish a symphony from the entire orchestra! 

If it's not too much treble, sign up via the form on this page and let us guide you through the five steps required to conduct a dazzling cognitive symphony!

Day One: Building Your Orchestra

Procurement process and acquisition of data need to evolve to meet data needs. How should procurement teams embark on their knowledge journey to Cognitive and analytics transformation? 

Day Two: Orchestrating Your Melody

It is not sufficient to know that you are buying software or how you are buying software; you need to know what software you are buying. So how do you implement an effective taxonomy strategy?

Day Three: The Rehearsal Room

Automation is a buzzword of the moment and fast becoming a business necessity. How can procurement professionals achieve a happy balance and effectively implement transaction automation.

Day Four: Getting the brass on Board

How procurement leaders works with their teams to remove barriers will ultimately have a huge influence on the rate and pace of adoption of cognitive and analytics solutions.

Day Five: The Conductor

In a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, some instability and churn is inevitable, which is why all these data instruments need a decent conductor and a single data strategy.

How does the podcast series work?

This series will run for five days with a daily podcast released from 26th February.  Each morning, we will deliver the new podcast straight to your email inbox. 

If you’re a little late to the series, don’t panic! We’ll still be sure to send you all five podcasts so you can listen at your leisure. 

How do I access the podcast series?

Simply register via the form on this page and you’re good to go!

From the 26th February we’ll deliver a podcast straight to your doorstep (straight to your email inbox!)

Are the podcasts available to everyone?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up and it’s totally, 100 per cent free to do so- simply sign up via the form on this page and we’ll handle the rest.

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